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Stillwater Bonsai is a full service bonsai nursery located in Chester Maine. We are currently in the process of building out and developing our new nursery location and expect to be finished and opened to the general public in late spring 2019. We aim to have 4 acres of field for field growing trees, a public bonsai garden, a retail sales area, a school, and a lecture / demo hall for events.

Although our new physical nursery location is not open yet, we are still providing many services for our customers, and will continue with tree and supply sales via our website. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for tip's and trick's, and to stay up to date on our progress on developing the our new location.


It helps to know where your going and to be taken to best yamadori spots, it's also great to know your not going to get lost and mauled by bears.

Brian Soldano, Belgrade ME.

We have access and permission to hunt for yamadori on over a half million acres of land in Maine. Lakes, rivers, bogs, mountains, bluffs, beaches and cliffs. Our guided hunts offer you access to some of the most secluded areas of Maine, some accessible only by boat or plane.

Our guided yamadori hunts offer you access to prime areas for finding suitable yamadori material as well as the knowledge and collection experience of a seasoned veteran. We offer individual yamadori hunts, or group packages for clubs.

Stillwater Bonsai did an amazing job on restoring the 200 year old Kishu Juniper my father left me when he passed to its former glory. I could not be more pleased with the results and will continue to have Bruce style this tree every time it needs it so I can pass it along to my children.

Misaki Takahashi, Kennebunk ME.

Whatever your styling needs are, no matter where on this planet you live we're here to help. We offer single tree, or daily rates if you would like us to work on a collection. Whether you want us to style the tree for you, to assist you in styling the tree yourself, or any combination of the two, we can help. Cant get your tree to our nursery? Not a problem, we will fly to anywhere you need.

We do all types of styling from initial styling of collected material, to developmental styling and refinement. At this time the only styling we are not offering as a service is styling for exhibition or shows unless we have been working on the tree or with you to develop the tree for several years.

Stillwater Bonsai was instrumental in helping me diagnose what was wrong with my Murasaki Kiyohime maple and helping me to develop a care plan to get it back to health. I would have lost this tree if it were not for their online consultation.

Jake Bohmer, Ponca City OK.

Need styling advice? Help diagnosing whats wrong with your tree? Help planning for a local show or event? We can help! Stilllwater Bonsai offers online, telephone or in person consultations for most of your bonsai needs. No project is too small.

Contact us and let us know what you need and we will work quickly to set up a time to address your needs. We have reasonable consultation rates, and access to a wealth of knowledge no matter what your bonsai needs are.

I couldn't have been happier with my transaction. They found just the tree I was looking for to add to my growing collection. Thank you Stillwater Bonsai.

Doug Lawrence, Lake Ozark MO.

Need help locating a tree for your collection? Have a specimen or yamadori you want to sell? Let us help you ensure a smooth and safe transaction. We have contacts across the United States, and the world.

We also offer consignment for a fee that includes listing on our live auction's hosted right here on Contact us for details.

Some days I have a hard time keeping up with watering with my busy schedule. It is nice to have Stillwater Bonsai available to handle the seasonal maintenance on my trees when I cannot do it myself. Their fees were reasonable and the results were great.

Alfred Lake, Friendship ME.

Sometimes life is busy and maintenance takes a back seat. We offer quick turnaround times on routine maintenance. Pruning, re-potting, bark peeling, deadwood treatment, we can do it all.

Too busy to get your tree to us? We offer pickup and drop-off service for the entire state of Maine, as well as on site maintenance anywhere in the USA.



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151 S. Chester Rd. Chester, ME. 04457